Natural Virgin Remy Hair

Available in Indian and Brazilian Experience the beauty of JAZARI.


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Beautify yourself with Jazari grade AAAA Virgin Remy Hair

Unprocessed Remy


Virgin hair extensions can be a costly investment and when it comes to making a online purchases, one of the most overlooked options today is layaway. But it shouldn't be: Layaway allows you to make purchases through small payments over time, and it now allows you to be able to afford high quality hair extensions that you may not be able to otherwise afford.

Benefits of using Jazari's Layaway Plan
1. You can take advantage of any Jazari sale prices without having to wait for the chance to afford the item.

2. Purchases for special occasions can be kept with Jazari until you are ready to use them. Layaway is an especially useful service when purchasing hair for Christmas, birthdays or other special occasions.

3. If you want to avoid debt, then this is one way to commit to a purchase even when you're short the money.

How it works?
-Only a $10 service fee
-30% down as a deposit
-4 months to pay!
-3-5 days production time begins once full order payment amount has been paid

If you need to cancel your layaway, or cannot complete your payments in 4 months - you do not lose your deposit! It will remain as a store credit, not a refund. It converts to store credit for you to use immediately, or save it to go towards another order at a later date. Jazari charges a $25 cancellation fee if you decide to cancel your layaway plan, or if you cannot make all the payments within 4 months.

Terms and Conditions
-Our Layaway terms are for up to four (4) months
-The required down payment to begin a layaway order is 30% of the order total
-The Service Fee for all layaway orders is $10.00
-The Cancellation Fee for layaway is $25.00
-The Cancellation Fee for custom orders is 50% of the customer piece cost (a custom piece is a non-stock item that we specifically make for you)
-Custom pieces may be placed on layaway with 50% of the piece paid up front, then standard layaway terms apply
-After making your initial deposit, you can pay whatever amount you choose, whenever you choose - within 4 months. Jazari will email statements weekly
-You will be given a layaway deadline date which is 4 months from the layaway start date. If by that date the balance has not been fulfilled, your order will be cancelled and store credit will be issued less the $25.00 Cancellation Fee and $10.00 Service Fee.
-Store credit must be used within 12 months and can only be used online at, after 12 months the credit is no longer valid.
-Store credit can only be used on orders associated with your original account. This means, store credit cannot be transferred to another person or account.
-Please treat store credit like cash. We are not responsible for stolen store credit codes.
-In the case that you have lost your store credit code, please call the Jazari customer service at (800) 916- 2473 x 3, and an agent will email you another code as we're unable to provide the code by phone for security reasons.
-Store credit may not be purchased. Store credit is provided to your account when purchased items have been returned due to Jazari error or cancelled layaway.
-Store Credit may be used to purchase gift certificates.
-Purchase amounts that exceed the value of the store credit will require an additional method of payment for the balance due.
-You may use one or any combination of these acceptable payment options to make layaway payments: Credit Card, PayPal, E-check or Western Union.
-Anyone with your invoice ID number is allowed to make your layaway payments, however the person initiating layaway must be the same person finalizing layaway.
-You may take advantage of regular and/or sale priced items by locking in that price and making payments via layaway. There are no price adjustments once a layaway has been started. The price of your layaway is the amount you must pay, regardless of any new promotions during the time of layaway payoff.

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